Roy Choi to Go Into Fast-Food with Daniel Patterson (And The World Rejoices)

Roy Choi + Daniel Patterson + burgers = the fast-food nation we’ve been waiting for.

The big announcement from this year’s MAD Symposium is that two California kids, Choi and Patterson, will open up a fast-food concept called loco’l, opening of fall 2015. It will open in San Francisco first, and Los Angeles second. Just minutes after the announcement, Patterson shared the “raw, stream-of-consciousness” mission statement on the MAD Feed blog:

loco’l is the whole idea of local but loco to change. Local meaning family and caring for each other and the world. Loco for not taking the shit that’s being passed down and perpetuated on us. It’s this push and pull of honesty, love, and revolt.

It’s delicious food that crosses all cultural boundaries, that represents what America is now. Tasty, healthful, made from whole foods, good ingredients, principles of sustainability.

That’s exactly what to expect from these Mad Hatter chefs and restaurateurs. While both chefs have made a career in award-winning, all-praise-begotten kinds of food (see: Kogi food trucks, POT, Coi), the two chefs are dedicated to redefining food for low-income communities. (Hunger was even the theme of Choi’s talk last year for MAD3.) Says Patterson on the MAD Feed blog, this new concept is just a way to infect new change into the way we eat:

… Now food is culturally valued in a way that has opened up new possibilities. High-level chefs have an opportunity to do much more than just cook for the few people who can afford it. We can create real change, in this case by building a better business. As much as thoughtful articles and speeches and books are important in shifting how we think, they are not going to solve the food problems we have in our country. Our government certainly won’t solve them, either. We have to act if we want change. If we can open profitable restaurants that are inexpensive and serve delicious food made with real ingredients; if we bring new options to places that currently lack quality food; if we cook with heart; if we create an environment of warmth, generosity, and caring; and if we value the people with less money just as much as the ones with plenty, we can make a difference.

These two, ruling the world one burger at a time.

Eater reports that Choi will be front the new concept, while Patterson (and Chad Robertson of San Francisco’s Tartine Bakery) will help with the burger and bun recipes.

[MAD Feed, Eater]

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