Roy Choi Makes Both Spam and Hello Kitty Look More Appealing in a Spam Masubi

Hello Kity Con attendees in Los Angeles will have a treat waiting for them at the Line Hotel, in their own Hello Kitty special rooms.

Because he will never miss an opportunity to proclaim his love for Spam or Hello Kitty, Choi created the Spam Masubi that you can order if you book a reserved room at the Line Hotel, the host of the Hello Kitty Con. And his restaurants, Pot and Commissary (located inside the hotel), are already stocked with Hello Kitty napkins and bibs. From the LA Times:

To make the Hello Kitty musubi, Choi packs sushi rice into a kitty-shaped mold, then fills a musubi press with rice and SPAM. Whiskers and eyes are made from nori, a nose from yellow pepper and the iconic red bow from red pepper.

During the convention Katie Chin will teach musubi-making and a special edition Hello Kitty musubi maker will be sold at the show’s Super Supermarket.

Talk about an endorsement that works.

[LA Times]

Image via Spam

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