Roy Choi: Chefs Have ‘Evolved’ Past Cooking Competitons (VIDEO)

Roy Choi is currently blowing up SXSW to help Jon Favreau promote his new road film Chef, for which Roy cheerfully assisted as Favreau’s “sensei.” In an interview with Hit Fix, Choi weighed the pros and cons of applying the designation of “celebrity” to the noble art of cheffing, and he hit all our favorite talking points. Said Roy:

“The things I hate is that we have to resort to the lowest common denominator to show food off. Like for sizzle reels or cooking shows, they have to show the flame in the pan? If you work in any real kitchen and you show the flame in the pan at the sauté station, you’re going to get pulled over by the chef. So some of those fallacies… I’m kind of over cooking competitions as well. I think we’ve evolved to where we don’t have to beat each other in order to show who we are as chefs.

So we’re correct to freak out when our home saute pans flare up? Good to know. Check out the rest of Roy’s interview below.

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