WATCH: Eddie Huang And Roy Choi Discuss The Pop-Tart-Hot-Pocket-Hamburger-Helper Generation

In Part Two of the Los Angeles episode of Fresh Off The Boat, Eddie Huang meets up with Roy Choi to explore the uber-realness of East LA. Eddie praises the general lack of schmoozing afoot east of Hollywood as the two go off in search of “West Coast pizza dough”, a.k.a. masa.

While devouring Authentic (capital A) tacos, Roy reveals that he got into cooking because he didn’t fit the “model minority stereotype” of an Asian kid sitting in a lab, which left him his family’s perennial black sheep. But at least he’s not part of the fuckin’ Pop-Tarts for breakfast, fuckin’ Hot Pockets for lunch, and fuckin’ Hamburger Helper for dinner generation.

“On a daily basis that shit is just fuckin’ corrosive,” he preaches.

Check out Part Two in its entirety below.

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