WATCH: Roy Choi Reveals How Emeril Saved Him On Top Chef Seattle

Last night’s Top Chef: Seattle semi-final involved a special treat for the final three: a lunch whipped up by Emeril Lagasse and that night’s guest judge Roy Choi. Turns out Roy and Brooke go way back! As chef-testants, judges, and Padma tucked into a meal together, Roy opened up about how he got involved in cooking, and, as it turns out, Emeril was his shining light at the end of a pretty dark tunnel. Check out Roy’s story below.

And also, there was that other minor plot point that got resolved last night: Josh Valentine had a baby! He was also eventually sent home, but we barely even noticed, because nothing was going to take the twinkle out of his eye, the twirl out of his mustache, or the crooked smile off of his face that day. Because we become useless puddles of goo around babies, here’s the moment Josh met wee little Georgia (via video chat) from last night’s episode. We couldn’t resist. Congratulations, Papa!

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