Roy Choi Performing with Upright Citizens Brigade Tomorrow Night in Los Angeles

“Chef with stoner-y food haiku-filled Twitter account/blog/life and a strong ‘in’ with Hollywood hotshot Jon Favreau performs a monologue at a big deal comedy show you may have heard of called ASSSSSCAT with big deal improv organization you may also have heard of called Upright Citizens Brigade, with handful of UCB founders who are also kind of a big deal” is what that headline should have read. But we have limits. Character limits.

The show is sold out, but if you’re lucky enough to have snagged a ticket, please tell us how it goes, because we are — as always — on the wrong damn coast. We want to laugh your laughs. Think of us fondly as you snort beer out of your nose. Farewell cruel world.

[UCB Theater]

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