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Ruth Bourdain’s Favorite Kitchen Tool Is Rocco DiSpirito, And Other Fun Facts

What is this “Ruth Bourdain Interacting With People And Answering Questions” thing that’s been happening recently? Yes, we know that she’s on a book tour, and yes, we know that these online interviews are the only way for her to communicate with the world without revealing her identity. (We personally believe that she is a psychic brain floating in a jar, a forgotten experiment in Wylie Dufresne’s basement, collecting and absorbing all of the food world’s unconscious thoughts and dreams and regurgitating them, electronically, via Twitter. We just wrote an entire season of Doctor Who. You’re welcome, nerds.)

But in this recent interview with Zester, Ruth not only shows why she will never be dethroned by poseur Twitter feeds attempting to out-gurgitate her, but also gives us a glimpse into the life of America’s favorite slutty eater.

For instance, the tool she can’t live without in the kitchen? “I cannot live without Rocco DiSpirito. He is such an incredible tool.”

Her favorite quote about alcohol? “I think it was Michael Pollan who once said, ‘Drink liquor. Far too much. Mostly absinthe.‘”

Her perfect breakfast? “That would have to be a quickenrichelet. That’s a quail egg omelet stuffed inside a chicken egg omelet stuffed inside an ostrich egg omelet. It’s the turducken of omelets.”

Does it get weirder? You bet. Are there more references to carniwhorish three-ways involving Mario Batali and Nigella Lawson in the link below? Duh.

[Zester Daily]

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