Ryan Sutton Is Also Against Bathroom Attendants

Because let’s just get all the editors and critics to weigh in on bathroom attendants, eh?

We sort of can’t believe we’re still talking about it, but here’s Bloomberg’s restaurant critic Ryan Sutton discussing what bathroom attendants really mean on WNYC. And when Sutton visited the restaurant in question, Balthazar, who caused a scene by removing (and then not removing) the bathroom attendants after a certain millionaire/editor boohoo’ed them, he noticed that the bathroom attendants were still hanging in there. And though the restaurant is still trying to figure out whether to keep them or move them within the company, says Sutton, he hopes that bathroom attendants will be able to move on up out of the can.

Of course, the only kind of restaurants that still have bathroom attendants, Sutton and host Amy Eddings are the “the clubby kind and the scene-y kind, … ones trying to create an atmosphere.” So places like Tao may still need them, especially due to their sheer size — if you’ve got 1,000 people eating and drinking, you’re going to have a lot of people peeing and potentially causing trouble. Still, at the end of the day, Sutton says “It’s service, it’s not servitude.”

[Grubstreet, WNYC]

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