Hilarious Craigslist Ad Defends Scott Disick’s Ryu

In case you didn’t know, Scott Disick — reality star, Kardashian baby daddy, and questionable dresser — owns a recently-opened Japanese restaurant in New York called Ryu. Unfortunately for Scott, it not only got a terrible review from the New York Post, but was also advertised on a deal site after only a month in business. However, someone has come to the defense of the restaurant in a Craigslist posting.

Presented as an ad for line cooks, the post complains that the quality of the food has been lost in reviews, buried under Kanye West sightings and Kardashian Krew hangouts. The poster defends the restaurant’s food, rhetorically asking:

Seriously, you think Scott has anything to do with the crew in the kitchen? You think he has control over this menu? Behind the scenes the technicians from The Fatty Crew (Fatty Crab & Fatty ‘Cue) are making some great things happen.

…Serious cooks step up and walk thru the velvet rope. In the BOH there’s a serious vibe goin on.

How dare reviewers and gossip sites only focus on the owner? He’s just a name! What everyone should be talking about are the chefs and the food they’re putting out. And also the vibe. Because the vibe is pretty serious.

[Craigslist via Eater]

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