WATCH: The Kardashians And Kanye West Celebrate The Opening Of Ryu

According to Craigslist, Scott Disick’s restaurant Ryu has got a “serious vibe”. Thanks to last night’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians, everyone can now judge the vibe for themselves.

It’s a big night for Scott — if the restaurant is successful, he can finally be known for something other than knocking up a Kardashian. Besides, dressing like a dandy costs money. He apparently decided to match the color of his skin to the color of the restaurant’s walls for luck. It seems to do the trick; other than a cocktail waitress not showing up, the opening goes smoothly. Plus, Kanye West (or Kanye, as Kourtney pronounces it) appears to be enjoying himself. When Kanye’s happy, everybody’s happy.

The show decides to fill the emotional quota by having Rob Kardashian tell Scott how proud he is of him, and apologize for being jealous. Because Scott’s a real businessman now! He has a semi-successful restaurant and everything! Scott promises to promote the heck out of Rob’s upcoming sock line, and they hug. Awww. (Aside: the Kardashian girls have about a million product endorsements each and the best Rob can get is a sock line? Ouch.)

Interestingly, nobody is seen eating any of the food at the restaurant opening, but who cares? Kanye’s there! Don’t you want to hang out at the same place Kanye does? We’re sure it won’t get too expensive.

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