Sam Kass Is Engaged, Breaks Food-Loving, Political Junkie Hearts Everywhere

So, Sam Kass has had a busy summer. On top of trouncing the GOP for defunding SNAP benefits, and being named one of Washington D.C.’s 50 “Most Beautiful People,” the White House personal chef is now engaged. (And somehow, we didn’t get the call — weird.)

Turns out, Kass was dating MSNBC host Alex Wagner for the last year; of course, no one knew about it until the Washington Post gave them the paparazzi treatment and outed the couple last month. (Probably because, you know, they’re babes.) Then, Wagner was spotted with an engagement ring on her show this week, prompting the now-confirmed rumors of their engagement.

Of course, Kass and Wagner will probably still keep it cool, though; Kass noted in his beautiful, glowing, no. 3 spot of The Hill’s “50 Most Beautiful People” that his relationship status was private. But he also said that he doesn’t cook much at home in the feature, so, we hope Wagner’s up for the challenge of cooking for the chef who feeds the Commander in Chief. (Just kidding, who wouldn’t be up for that challenge?)

[The Washington Post]

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