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WATCH: Sam Kass Reveals White House Beer Recipe!

That President Obama’s a tricky son of a gun. He waited until Labor Day Weekend to give America the most patriotic gift of his four years in office: the recipe for his home-brewed White House Honey Ale. Bonus: he also has White House Chef Sam Kass and the gang brewing a Honey Porter, and he released that recipe, too!

The recipe was unveiled in a White House Blog post entitled “Ale to the Chief,” and, much to our excitement, the two recipes were accompanied by a video of the ever-charming Sam Kass and White House Sous Chef Tafari Campbell taking us behind the scenes of how the brew is made in the White House kitchen.

The video boasts lots of brew-ha-ha (see what we did there?) about how beer brewing is a great American tradition that President Obama wanted to try his hand at to connect with home-brewers fermenting beers in their garages all across America. Fun fact: while George Washington distilled whiskey at Mount Vernon and Thomas Jefferson had a vineyard at Monticello, there is no evidence that any alcohol has been brewed or distilled at the actual White House.

Prez makin’ history, y’all. Check out the vid and recipes below!

[White House Blog h/t Huffington Post]

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