Sam Kass, The Biggest Chef Hunk, to Guest-Judge The Biggest Loser

Next week, a not-furloughed White House Chef Sam Kass will judge a challenge on the popular weight loss show, So You Think You Can Out-Pushup Sam Kass The Biggest Loser. You think Sam Kass is gorgeous now? Wait until you see him on a softly-lit ranch in the rolling hills of Southern California with TV makeup on, saying words about the Let’s Move! initative, and how awesome it is to drink water instead of soda.

Oh, and what makes him even better-looking? Children! He’s got little kids with him as baby judges, too! (Obviously, the challenge is for the contestants to cook something delicious and healthy for him and the children, because adults are more likely to eat better if their kids are eating better, too. But let’s just imagine that Kass is always tailed by a gaggle of children, because, really, he is.)

This isn’t the first time Kass has appeared on the NBC show: back in 2009, when everyone would literally melt at the sight of a Barack Obama affiliate, he invited the show to the White House Garden to pick vegetables and make salad. This time, he’s implanted surveillance devices into the arugula. We’re kidding. Maybe.

Kass’s appearance on The Biggest Loser airs on Tuesday, November 12th at 8 PM EST.

[h/t Obama Foodorama]

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