Sam Sifton Announced as New Editor of NYT Food Section; Food Section Now Exists

Congratulations to former New York Times restaurant critic, editor, and king of Thanksgiving Sam Sifton for becoming the editor of the Grey Lady’s new Food section. And congratulations to the Times for merging their Dining, Cooking, and food app teams into one giant culinary megasite: Food.

A memo sent out by executive editor Dean Baquet (and caught by Capital New York) announced the new change, and promised that the revamped section “will deliver articles devoted to cooking, restaurants, wine and spirits, and of course to general food news”:

Take the Dining section. Add the new NYT Cooking site and app. Mix the ingredients together – a vast menu of easy-to-search recipes, restaurant and wine reviews, food and restaurant news – and you have a great buffet of offerings for Times readers. That is why we are combining the two enterprises in a new department bearing the name it had in the days of Craig Claiborne: Food.

The new section will debut in the fall, timed perfectly with apple season and Thanksgiving, which, need we remind you, is Sifton’s domain. (The man literally wrote the book on Thanksgiving.)

[h/t The Daily Meal]

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