Sam Sifton Wishes Alice Waters Had Been Behind @RuthBourdain

Sam Sifton and recently unveiled Ruth Bourdain culprit Josh Friedland joined Tom Ashbrook this morning on NPR’s On Point for a robust discussion about whether “foodie culture” has gone too far. Admittedly, the first part of the podcast reads a bit like Cult Foodnerdism 101, and we’re sure you know all about the Ruth Bourdain origin story, as well as what guanciale is and how to pronounce it. But once Sam Sifton joined the talk, things heated up.

He admitted that he really wished Alice Waters had been behind the Ruth Bourdain identity, instead of “a mild-mannered blogger from New Jersey.” Sifton also confirms that “Portlandia got it right” in terms of its deadpan portrayal of food extremists.

On the other hand, he also absolutely insists that you make tomato sauce with canned San Marzano’s, hefty price tag be-damned. So take his snark against food snobbery with a grain of salt.

You can listen to the podcast in its entirety here.

[On Point]

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