comScore San Francisco Chronicle's Food Section to Fold After All

San Francisco Chronicle’s Food Section to Fold After All

After a drawn-out “passive-aggressive newspaper war” just mere months ago, the San Francisco Chronicle announced this week that it will fold its stand-alone food section, and incorporate it into a broader lifestyle section. But it’s not called “Artisan,” so it’s all good.

The plan is to print its first 16-page “Food & Home” section, essentially combining its Food section with its Home & Garden section. According to a press release published by Eater, the section will feature more “community leaders,” aka chefs and winemakers, alongside its established writers and editors Michael Bauer, John Birdsall, and Jonathan Kauffman. Said assistant managing editor Kitty Morgan in the press release, “”We aren’t simply reporting on food – we’re reporting on our culture today.”

For an announcement that basically says the standalone food section is closing up shop, the press release does talk a whole lot about its food coverage. Including, says the release, those spot-on hot-trends of “juice fasts and food delivery services.” Pretty sure there were a few other things to report on, but so be it.


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