Sandra Lee Has Eight Christmas Trees and Will Not Apologize for Loving Christmas

Sandra Lee loves Christmas more than you.

Sandra Lee loves Christmas so much, she’ll dedicate her life to the holiday. Sandra Lee loves Christmas so much, she’ll dress in white forever in remembrance of her ancestors, the Icicle People. Sandra Lee loves Christmas so much, she’ll denigrate Kwanzaa to assert Christmas Supremacy. Sandra Lee loves Christmas so much, she has eight Christmas trees. 

All of those facts are (kind of) true, especially that last one. We know it is true, because she said to Vanity Fair that she has eight Christmas trees:

Eight trees? “We have eight trees in our house in Westchester,” she confirmed. That would be the house she shares with New York governor Andrew Cuomo. “It’s amazing. It is so beautiful. But I’ve been working on it for three weeks,” Lee said. Eight trees? “Oh my God,” was about all we could muster. “I decorate all of them, and I buy all of the decorations,” she said. “Even Andrew says, ‘Oh my God,'” she said, laughing.

Sandra Lee also built a gingerbread kitchen, even though Sandra Lee is not a witch attempting to lure lost children to her house. She built it because she loves Christmas. So just give up. Take your one lone tree and scram.

[Vanity Fair]

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