WATCH: Sandra Lee Tops ‘Cheesy Potatoes And Egg’ With Caviar, Pairs With Champagne

Sandra Lee appeared on The Today Show this morning to demo some classy holiday dishes, which is why we were a bit confused when she began whipping together the following drunken college fridge dive ingredients: potatoes, eggs, cheese, and whiskey. (But she uses Crown Royal. Insta-class!) And then she douses the whole scramble with “cheese sauce” before topping with caviar and serving alongside a thrifty under-$20 champagne! We bet that’s Governor Cuomo’s special hangover breakfast.

For dessert: a “hot mocha cake” which one makes by dumping chocolate cake mix (prepared according to the box instructions), instant pudding, two cups of warm milk, and marshmallows into a slow cooker for an unclear amount of hours. We fail to see where the “mocha” aspect of this cake comes in, since there doesn’t seem to be any coffee involved, but she does note that one should serve it with rosé.

Check out the endlessly entertaining creations from the mind of Sandra Lee below.

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