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WATCH: Sandra Lee Dishes On Her Totally Fictional, Not At All Semi-Autobiographical Novel Recipe Box

Ugh, aren’t you sick of reading the same tired chef memoirs? We get it, you sweat a lot and get your ass kicked. Wouldn’t you much rather be reading the completely fictional tale of a struggling Midwestern single mother, meeting a well-to-do New Englander, who sweeps her off her feet, with a dozen recipes weaved into the book for good measure, penned by a food personality? Sound familiar? That’s because it’s the totally-not-autobiographical new novel from Sandra Lee.

The above photo is the face she made this morning on Today when Savannah Guthrie suggested that the book was maybe just the tiniest bit based on her life with live-in boyf New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. No, ma’am. This story comes entirely from Sandy’s imagination.

Check out the clip of her interview below and keep an eye out for Recipe Box. We’re sure it’ll make a great day-drunk beach-read.

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