WATCH: Sandra Lee Celebrates Valentine’s Day With Cola-And-Cream-Of-Mushroom Pot Roast

Cola-braising a pot roast is totally A Thing. We’re not judging. But it’s possible that demoing on TV the process of mixing a can of cream of mushroom soup into a pitcher of cola is the most stomach-turning Valentine’s visual we’ve ever seen.

Plug your nose while you’re doing that part at home and throw the monstrosity into a slow cooker as fast as humanly possible, if you’re dying to try out a Sandra Lee recipe this Valentine’s Day.

Far more pleasing on her Today Show segment this morning were her cheap, sugary, store-bought dessert concoctions, which even we can appreciate. Store-bought red velvet topped with Cool Whip, cherry pie filling, and maraschino cherries? Sounds like love to us. Store-bought cupcake mix baked with champagne substituted for water? Trashy and delicious. A Godiva liqueur, Bailey’s, and cake-flavored vodka cocktail? It tastes like sorority house, and we can’t think of anything sexier.

Check out her totally brilliant ideas below.

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