WATCH: Santa Con Santas Brawling in the Snow Can Only Be Described as ‘Money’

As Anthony Bourdain astutely noted after sharing a link to this video via Twitter: “I support drunken Santas beating the crap out of each other. It thins the herd.”

This is what happens when — even though precinct sheriffs ask Manhattan bars to turn away drunk Santas during Santa Con to preserve the sanity of New York City residents — drunken Santas con on. We appreciate the dudes who had the presence of mind to pull out a camera and catch the action. The best part is that people in cumbersome fur-lined suits who know full well that they are supremely intoxicated still think that they can win a fight on thickly snow covered streets. Special shoutout to the MTA bus who just gets the fuck out.

[h/t Twitter]

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