comScore Savannah Guthrie Tries Blood Pudding (VIDEO)

WATCH: Savannah Guthrie Snubs Fergus Henderson’s Michelin-Starred Blood Pudding

Not only does Giada de Laurentiis get to hang out in London with the NBC crew during the Olympics, but she also got to take a tour of London’s Brick Lane with a food-savvy local. After sampling every famous South Asian eatery available, Giada was finally ushered to Fergus Henderson’s Michelin-starred St. John, where she tasted a stunningly plated blood pudding topped with a sunny-side-up duck egg and crispy fried pig’s ear. It looked majorly tasty to us, and to the US Women’s Field Hockey Team when Giada brought it back for the Today crew to try.

Even Ryan Seacrest, who was on hand (for reasons we’re not entirely clear on), opted to be adventurous and try some with an open mind, and a polite respect for the local cuisine of the 2012 Olympics’ generous host country.

Only co-anchor Savannah Guthrie pulled a face when Giada encouraged her to try some and whined about how gross it was. She finally took a tiny bite, and not without a dramatic fanfare of nose-wrinkling, shuddering, and long swigs of an alcoholic beverage to wash it down.

“This is not easy to do,” Savannah brooded while Giada insisted that it was like chocolate pudding and the field hockey team enthusiastically waited their turn to try some (atta girls!).

Then, when the Olympians behind her who were clearly excited to try some got a taste which they obviously enjoyed, Savannah continued to warn them in the most condescending and serious of tones, “Guys, be careful with that.”

One bite of blood pudding — again, from a Michelin-starred chef — is not going to poison the US Women’s Field Hockey Team and render them unable to play, Savannah. It’s going to be okay. We promise.

Does homegirl ever eat out? Presumably a major network news anchor has seen haute cuisine before. What happens when you put sweetbreads in front of her? Does she just faint upon the white tablecloth?

We bet Ann Curry would have liked it. Just sayin’.

Check out the clip below and tell us if you think Savannah was being disrespectful.

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