WATCH: Saveur Magazine Releases ‘Trailer’ For 150th Issue

Who says print media is dead? Sure, Gourmet Magazine went tragically belly-up and with it went the dirtysexycool writings of Ruth Reichl, but Saveur Magazine knows how to keep up with the times: by showing its Editor-In-Chief drunkenly stripping cabana boys on late-night cable TV whetting appetites for its upcoming 150th issue with a video.

You read correctly: a trailer for a magazine issue release. Has Anna Wintour thought of that already? Probably. Who knows what secrets lie beneath that venerable, helmet bob?

And, so, we give you: 150 recipes in 39 seconds. You know how they say one of the reasons people get addicted to porn is because they have the ability to click through a bunch of images at once, and then fail to keep their interests aroused when they’re stuck with one person In Real Life? (How dare you insinuate we read too many girly magazines?) If we apply the same principle here, upon watching this video, everything you put in your mouth hereafter will taste like plain oatmeal. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

[Saveur h/t Eater]

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