WATCH: Guy Savoy, Alain Ducasse, And Daniel Boulud’s MasterChef Verdicts

We imagined when we learned that Chefs Guy Savoy, Alain Ducasse, and Daniel Boulud were judging an episode of MasterChef, that they’d bring a keen, sincere, fair palate to the competition. No contrived mean-spirited critiques; no slightly-unqualified-and-thus-effusively-appreciative praise; nothing but a straightforward impression of the dishes that would pass before them. The inherent beauty of such masters judging a silly reality show? Both their harsh words and their praises are delivered with hilarious apathy.

Becky and Christine competed as a team against Josh and Frank to create a three course meal for the six revered judges. Both teams faltered, but both teams also managed to impress the three guest judges at times. Ultimately, though, the girls won, which guaranteed them spots in the finals. Josh and Frank had to face off in what the judges admitted was an impossible pressure test: cook three different souffles — one chocolate, one cheddar, one raspberry — in sixty minutes. Surprisingly, neither of them bombed, but Frank was eventually sent home for being a little too technical and lacking in improvisational skill to be named a MasterChef.

Check out the two clips of Chefs Savoy, Ducasse, and Boulud weighing in on the MasterChef-testants’ meals below.

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