Sean Brock Takes Boring Rice And Turns It Into Best Dish Of His Career

For your daily dose of food porn, look at this gorgeous dish that Sean Brock composed for McCrady’s, highlighting Charleston, South Carolina’s finest locally-sourced, heritage food… rice.

You might think rice is boring, but we recommend read Brock describe why he made, in his words “my favorite dish that we have ever served at McCrady’s and maybe my career.”

Before we serve this dish we tell the diner about the importance of rice in Charleston during the rice era….which I believe was somewhere like 1700-1927….lots of speculation there of course….but regardless, the story is fascinating. it often helps people realize how a foodstuff can influence and help shape a culture. when you tell a story like this before a guest eats a dish their perspective changes completely…especially while sitting in an 18th century tavern in the middle of Charleston…..this is usually difficult to achieve….to truly have the full attention of the diner…this dish is a journey thru the history of eating in Charleston.

And its taste? “Its [sic] always everyone’s favorite course….it IS pretty damn delicious.”

He goes into more rhapsodic detail on his blog, here. Click it if you would like to shift your paradigms about rice. It may very well be the most profound click you’ve ever clicked.

[Ping Island Strike]

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