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Sean Brock: Husk Nashville Is Not Going To Be The Second Coming Of Husk Charleston

We can officially say that Sean Brock is thinking of a restaurant empire — a tiny one, mind you — since he’s opening his third restaurant, Husk, in Nashville. But since Brock also happens to be a guru of local produce and foraged foods (as well as King Of The Baby Pigs), he won’t be doing what other celebrity chefs do and replicate his modern Southern restaurant.

In an interview with Food Republic, Brock said he planned on tailoring Husk Nashville to the unique geographic profile of the area. “This city is just such an exciting place to come eat, and a perfect locale for the Husk concept,” he told them. “It’s a study of culture through food, and Nashville is full of inspirations. While Charleston is seafood-driven, here it will be even more about the vegetables. The Farmers’ Market here is amazing, and I already have connections with the farmers.”

Brock does have an advantage in that he’d spent years as the executive chef at the Capital Grille before making his name at McCrady’s in Charleston, and that the entire city is full of hardcore locavore advocates. He’s also opening it with the same team that opened Husk Charleston.

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