Is Sean Brock Coming To New York?

You know what we depend on Bon Appetit for? No, besides single-handedly keeping print food media alive. We depend on them to keep The South’s most prominent chefs steadily supplied with bourbon until they’re feeling open enough to confess that they might, maybe, possibly be hankering for a move to New York.

Luckily, they came through and did just that with Sean Brock of Husk at a dinner he was cooking in Brooklyn for Daniel Klein. Writes Matt Duckor:

“In between courses, I half-jokingly asked Brock why, given his increasingly frequent travels to New York for various events and dinners, he doesn’t just move here. While he’s currently focused on buying a home in Nashville, where he’ll open an outpost of Husk next year, Brock said New York is indeed on the agenda, stating: ‘It’s my goal to have a restaurant in New York.'”

But, barbecue enthusiasts, don’t get overly excited. Sean’s New York concept would err on the side of modern, rather than the Southern style Husk is focused on. “The South is all about terroir,” he told Bon Appetit. He’s coming ready to compete with the big boys when he hits the NYC culinary scene.

No time frame yet on the project, but he admitted that he had been looking at a few spaces while on his trip. Thanks for the reconnaissance mission, bourbon Bon Appetit.

[Bon Appetit]

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