WATCH: Sean Brock Flies 13 Hours To Judge A Top Chef Quickfire In Alaska

We imagine booking celebrity guest judges to appear on the Alaskan finale leg of Top Chef: Seattle was difficult, and Sean Brock confirmed our suspicions when he passive aggressively announced that he had flown 13 hours to taste the final four cheftestants’ Quickfire crab dishes. Oof. Jet-lag will zap anyone’s charm.

Josh Valentine’s mustache did a double-curl when he saw who he’d be cooking for, since, predictably, the James Beard Award-winning master of elevated Southern cuisine is one of his idols. Unfortunately, Josh served Brock a bacon-heavy succotash with broken butter sauce. Poor Josh. We love his ambitious facial hair so dearly, but he really needs to step away from the pork.

Check out the clip below.

PS. Note Sean’s “Make Cornbread Not War” t-shirt which we swear we’ve seen somewhere before. What do we make of Top Chef fashion fads?

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