Sean Brock To Open Up Husk In Nashville, Tennessee

We may have to make amendments to our recent list of Top Ten Chefs To Know In Nashville, because Sean Brock is coming back: the Charleston  Post And Courier reports that the James Beard Award-winning chef will open an outpost of his famed Husk in Nashville.

As many know, Brock got his start as the executive chef at the Hermitage Hotel in Nashville before moving to South Carolina to open McCrady’s, winning a ton of awards in the process. Husk, his freewheeling take on Southern cuisine, won Bon Appetit’s Best New Restaurant in 2011. And now, the Neighborhood Dining Group, which manages Husk, will bring it back to where Brock’s career began.

It’s about time, too, says NDG’s president David Howard. “There are a lot of young guys doing some great things there, and we feel like it’s about to take off,” he told the Post. 

If you’re a young line cook in Nashville, start sending your resumes — and also, try to find a really old house on the National Register of Historic Homes, because that’s where Husk Nashville is setting up shop, says Brock. “You just can’t open a Husk in a shopping mall or a new build-out,” he explained. “It needs something with some history and creaky floors. It has to feel a certain way. We knew (the site) was right the minute we walked in. It is just a perfect fit for us.”

[The Post And Courier]

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