Vogue Dedicates Full Page To Sean Brock’s Body Art

Chefs with body art are nothing new, but Sean Brock may just be the only one to ever get a full page in Vogue dedicated to his inked-up arm.

Photographed holding a handful of carrots, Brock’s colorful sleeve got the full celebrity treatment in an article ostensibly about the revival of traditional Southern cooking — with Sean marketed as the most influential force behind it. But here’s how the article opens:

“John T. and I were discussing Sean Brock’s arm, the one pictured on the opposite page. ‘Five years ago, it seemed like every chef in the South was getting a pig tattoo,’ John T. recalled. ‘Now they’re getting collard-patch half-sleeves and cornfield full-sleeves. The vegetables depicted are heirloom varietals, of course.’ I have examined Sean’s arm in person without touching it in any way, and you can clearly identify pink-striped beets, nicely trimmed baby leeks, little radishes, what look to me to be potato flowers (though I’m no expert on potato flowers), and an ear of corn that may just be purple.'”

That’s a more detail than most celebrities get in an entire cover story. But at the end of the day, Vogue is about what’s in fashion, and it’s nice to see that a well-respected chef — or maybe just his arm — is at the forefront.

Image courtesy of American VOGUE.

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