Seattle Cheese Shop Owner Fondly Remembers That Time Padma Lakshmi Went On A Drunken Triple Crème Rampage

Sheri LaVigne of The Calf and Kid, a popular artisan cheese shop in Seattle, shared the greatest Padma Lakshmi story ever when asked by The Stranger to tell her greatest regrets from the last year:

I wish I had secretly recorded Padma when she came into the shop and said she’d been drinking wine all day, acted stupid, and shoveled a huge slice of triple crème in her mouth. I actually loved her for that—it humanized her—but then she came back another time sober and was kind of a twat.

Oh boy, if we’d seen that, we’d be full of regrets that we didn’t have a security camera, disguised as a bottle of merlot, for moments like these. For the next Top Chef host city, we recommend that all restaurants and food vendors, particularly cheese shops, prepare themselves for these incidents, because we’d probably host said video on our site.

[The Stranger via Eater]

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