“Sh*t Food Blogger” Preaches Way More Truth in Food Trends Than We’d Like to Admit in 8 Simple Tweets


For real, though — we have found our hail Mary saving grace in the food world. And we’d like to take this sassy broad out for drinks, just to see what else comes out.

If you haven’t been following along the Twitter and Tumblr rants of Shit Food Blogger, you’re missing out on some hilarity. And because this gal is not afraid to speak her mind, we get some real truths about the food industry — like these “food trends.” Presented without comment:

[Editor’s note: This is going to happen eventually, isn’t it?]

[Editor’s note: For further reference on Pretty White Taco Jesus, see this.]

And yes, we are fully taking that last one into account.

For more of Shit Food Blogger’s thoughts on things, read all about “10 Things Ina Garten Thinks When It Rains in the Hamptons,” “This Is All I See When I Skim Food News Sites,” and “My Ultimate One Ingredient Meals Cookbook.” We look forward to reading that chapter on cottage cheese.

[Twitter, Tumblr]

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