WATCH: For Every Hipster Trope You Spot In This Sierra Nevada Ad, Drink A Sierra Nevada

Dear readers, behold this video singing the glories of artisanal craftmanship, thick beards, and wistfully evocative not-quite-country music. This is indeed a new ad for the craft beer Sierra Nevada, which The Huffington Post claims is attempting to overtake the hipster market from its rival, Pabst Blue Ribbon, by playing towards the hipster crowd that really loves rock climbing.

Does the second-largest craft brewery in the country succeed? We’ll let you be the judge of that: every time you see something in the above video that mumbles, yells, or shrieks “hipster”, take a really long swig of a Sierra Nevada. If you’re moderately buzzed by the end of four minutes and are trying to find your climbing gear, then congratulations! You’re both hipsters. Go hike in the woods.

[Huffington Post]

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