PHOTOS: Wolfgang Puck’s Decadent Night At The Oscars’ Governor’s Ball

Would it be too much to say that Wolfgang Puck brought taste to a night that was, admittedly, marred by tastelessness? Fine, it might not be, because Puck — who caters the Governors’ Ball, the official afterparty of the Academy Awards, every year — knocked it out of the park, as always. This year, he and Bon Appetit live-tweeted the behind-the-scenes preparations of the event, and we normal, unglamorous people got to see what the stars eat, how gorgeous it all looks, why it is that Wolfgang Puck gets to hang out with George Clooney (seriously, George Clooney pops up many, many times in this slideshow), and why it is that Puck is also probably invited to the official Oscars orgy.

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