Sandwich Chain Owner Who Fired Staff Before Christmas Apparently Visited by Ghosts, Regrets Dick Move

Chicago sandwich chain Snarf’s participated in the Scroogiest of employer tactics, firing the entire staff of one of its locations the weekend before Christmas in an email, followed by an encouragement to keep an eye out for the grand reopening. The email was, of course, published by Chicago Grid, who probably got their hands on it via a scorned employee who, quite literally, had no fucks left to give.

Possibly because three Christmas ghosts visited CEO Jim Seidel, showing him a future in which he dies a lonely miser, but probably only because he realized what a dick he sounded like once the email went public, Seidel posted the following apology to Facebook:

An extra week’s wages?! God bless us, every one!

[h/t Eater]

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