So This is the Weirdest Chef Sexual Harassment Case We’ve Seen In a While …

In which the word “bubble” will never be looked at the same again.

According to the New York Daily News, chef Michel Richard is facing a sexual harassment lawsuit from one of his pastry workers. Michael Yoo, who still works with Richard at the New York Palace Hotel, claims that Richard made a “sexual advance” towards him.

The bubble trouble happened in the kitchen of the swanky Madison Ave. hotel this past Thanksgiving, the suit says.

“Noticing a bubble on the eclair plaintiff Yoo had worked on,” Richard walked up to him and “all of a sudden began tapping plaintiff Yoo’s chin and lips repeatedly with his fingers, saying, ‘bubble, bubble.’”

Yoo considered the gesture to be “a sexual advance” instead of criticism, and felt “humiliated, degraded and offended,” the suit says.

The suit say that Yoo “wishes to continue his employment relationship, but is too afraid of working with defendant Richard after this incident.” Yoo has sued for unspecified monetary damages, but neither Richard nor the hotel have commented on the case. Hopefully the case doesn’t keep bubbling up. (See what we did there???)

[New York Daily News]

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