So Wait, Is There Going to Be Another Eataly in New York? Maybe? Who Knows?

This morning, the New York Post reported that Joe Bastianich and his Magical Italians were in talks to put a second Eataly in New York City, which is probably the only city in the world that could use two Eatalys. Eataly Due would reportedly be located at 4 World Trade Center, alongside multiple other luxury retail stores (and, oddly but understandably, a Duane Reade), next to the brand new Freedom Tower.

The New York Post also reported that the building’s developers also had serious trouble finding tenants, which is likely why a rep for Eataly told Eater NY that “nothing is set in stone” yet. “As you know, Eataly is in full bloom and we are looking at possible new cities and locations as we grow,” they wrote, adding “we still don’t know where the next Eataly will find its home in the United States.

So far, there is an Eataly in Chicago, possibly an Eataly in China, and a planned Eataly megathemeparksomething.

[NYP via Eater NY]

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