Sochi Serves All Foods ‘In the Ass,’ Continues To Relentlessly Troll Itself

It’s early days, yet, but we’re pretty pleased with the food news coming out of Sochi for THE GAMES OF THE 22ND WINTER OLYMPIAD so far. (Totally not Olympics nerds over here. Nope. Not us.) First, Andy Cohen made Sochi his Jackhole of the Night on last night’s Watch What Happens Live, “not because they hate gays, or they kill dogs, or because journalists are supposedly being housed in squalor, but because they’re not letting Team USA receive their shipment of Chobani Greek Yogurt…FREE THE CHOBANI.”

Now, journalists and athletes have caught onto a peculiar abbreviation on Russian menus, allegedly meaning “in an assortment of flavors” but reading “in the ass.”

Cakes in ass!
Ice cream in the ass!
Lemonade in the ass!

Combine Russia’s apparent penchant for food enemas with t.A.T.u. performing at the Opening Ceremonies, and we’re pretty sure they’re just trolling their own anti-homosexual propaganda laws at this point.


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