WATCH: Are Spike Mendelsohn and Jen Carroll Totally In Love?

Having attended elementary school, the point where friendly ribbing ends and kamikaze flirting begins is pretty clear to us. Also, at least according to a bunch of chefs/groupies tapped by Time Out Chicago, the art of flirtatious subtlety is largely lost on chefs. So, we’re pretty sure that Life After Top Chef’s Spike Mendelsohn and Jen Carroll are just in looooove.

They deny it. Sure, they just go way back, and worked in the kitchen at Le Bernardin together when they were but culinary babes in Bravo’s eye. That might explain a friendly rapport. But on last night’s episode, sparks were flat-out flying, and to deny it makes you look like sex idiots.

Check out all the farming, tackling, sheep-shearing, blonde joke-cracking, and manbaby eye-rolling that went down on last night’s episode below. And then look us in the eye and tell us they’re not getting married. Bonus: the third clip finds a drunk Jen and a soberish Spike facing off alone in a hotel room at night. Top Chef fanfiction: go!

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