Spike Mendelsohn And Fabio Viviani Ring NASDAQ Closing Bell, Almost Destroy The Economy

Bravo Network: why, oh, why would you entrust the NASDAQ to those Top Chef lifers Fabio Viviani and Spike Mendelsohn? Today they rang the closing bell for the trading day, in order to promote all the Top Chef properties that exist in the world: Top Chef, Top Chef Masters, Top Chef: Just Desserts, Life After Top Chef, and Top Chef 2: Electric Boogaloo, the show where Marcel is attached to a battery and repeatedly given electric shocks, Jackass-style. (Yes, yes, this is not a real show, but you know it’s probably on the back burner somewhere.)

In any case, Spike and Fabio reacted the way that you’d expect Spike and Fabio to react towards being temporarily, in the tiniest of ways, in control of the second-largest stock exchange in the word.

Fabio tweeted every single second of it before running off and immediately making pasta:



Spike hijacked the NASDAQ to make it all about him (and his mom):

And the NASDAQ closed at 2,981.70 points, down -8.76 points, an overall loss of untold millions of dollars. We can safely say that it is Spike and Fabio’s fault that this has happened, those dratted economy ruiners.

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