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WATCH: Top Chef All-Star/DJ Spike Mendelsohn Hawks Heartburn Recipes And ‘His Music’ On WGN

Our second-favorite Top Chef Toolbag (after Marcel Vigneron, natch) Spike Mendelsohn found himself in Chicago yesterday and visited WGN with a heartburn-friendly mac ‘n’ cheese recipe. As you may or may not know, the TC All-Star suffers from acid reflux disease and uses his prestigious Bravo-lebrity status to hawk heartburn meds. He also runs a heartburn-sympathizing campaign called Don’t Let It Burn, whose accompanying website features such goodies as Spike’s recipes and, as we learned from this cooking demo, playlists of his music, “which can be relaxing.”

Is he seriously selling his music/dj-ing skills as a heartburn remedy?! Ugh, Spike, you were so hot before you were such a douchey sell-out! And, because every self-promotional sundae requires a shameless cherry on top, Spike also went on and on about some recipe submission contest on, which, he insisted on reiterating several times, ended that night! He encouraged people to enter for the chance to cook a meal with him, which leads us to believe he didn’t have very many contestants in play to begin with. At least, not many stable ones. And why should we invite Spike into our kitchens? Are we going to be allowed to play our own music or is he going to bogart our Spotify? That doesn’t sound like fun.

Check out the endlessly cringe-worthy segment below.

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