WATCH: Spike Mendelsohn Turns On Middle-Aged Ladies With Little Effort Or Intention

Hey, now. We get it. Spike Mendelsohn is a Grade A hottie by Top Chef standards. He gets us going, too. But Jennifer and Melanie of Let’s Talk Live really let their lady needs get the better of them as they watched Spike make Brussels sprout, bacon, pearl onion, and bechamel-sauced pizza (and coming up with dishes like that only makes him sexier). The flirting started somewhere around the “dough massage” and probably didn’t end until one or both of them passed out after her sixth post-taping martini.

But if you can get past all the bawdy flirting, Spike dishes a bit about his much anticipated (by us, anyway) upcoming Bravo series, Life After Top Chef. The series stars Spike, Richard Blais, Jen Carroll, and Fabio Viviani as they pursue culinary greatness post-Top Chef. Curiously enough, Spike doesn’t mention his co-stars when discussing the show, but check out the video anyway!

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