Stanley Tucci Almost Jumped By Secret Service After Exploding Butter Threatens Ann Romney

Stanley Tucci is mid-press tour for the release of The Tucci Cookbook, his second, but we’re pretty sure this is the only morning show appearance in which he almost gets jumped by Secret Service.

Yes, his demonstration of Italian family recipes on Good Morning America was co-hosted by Ann Romney, in her ubiquitous red shirtdress, and Tucci spent just a little too long gilding the lily about how he got into food. The butter he was browning got too hot before he could explain the recipe, and began bubbling loudly, interrupting his story. He tried to go on while turning down the burner, but eventually the hot butter began spattering out of the pot with precious Ann nearby.

Of course, Sam Champion was chivalrously holding it away from his co-anchors and guests, and, in real life, she was nowhere near the pot. But Secret Service bristled all the same.

Most of the segment is actually just spent chuckling over the mishap and listening to Ann shout things like “I love Julie and Julia!” “They burned my welsh cakes, too!” and “Every time! My plane almost goes down, and now I’m going to catch on fire!” Yes, Ann. You were totally going to catch on fire.

…Poor Stanley’s pasta casserole and steak oreganata didn’t stand a chance.

Check out the clip below.

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