Starbucks’ Baristas Reactions to the Oprah Chai Are Predictably Hilarious


Not that we really want to diss the goddess of all good things in the world (we’re a bit of a Liz Lemon when it comes to Oprah, after all), but how did Starbucks not foresee the treasure of jokes that would unfold from a Oprah-chai collaboration! “I have one grande Oprah!”

Grubstreet found a subreddit of Starbucks baristas bemoaning the new Oprah Teavana chai, just now hitting stores. And the reactions are basically priceless, because basically NO ONE wants to make an Oprah chai. But why?! The best:

“Sigh – anyone want to guess at a cup marking? OCH? OPCH?” “Missed opportunity corporate! I really wanted to make an ‘OPCHA’!”

“I laughed so hard when it came in today. I can’t wait to walk in to one of my opens and just see Oprah staring right back at me.
Did I say “can’t wait”? I mean, I’m terrified for that moment.”

“”Honey, that only comes in grande.” “Sometimes she’s also available in skinny versions too, but we all know it’s a grande drink” (Cold, guys.)

“You get an Oprah Chai, and you get an Oprah Chai, OPRAH CHAI FOR EVERYONE!!!!”


But really, guys, do remember – you are the “magical ingredient” to the Oprah chai. Now, where are our sweater capes and Chinese checkers again?

[Reddit h/t Grubstreet]

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