State Department To Follow Up On Bourdain’s Claims Of Secret Service Keggers

Oh, the power that an errant tweet from Anthony Bourdain holds nowadays. After he tweeted a scandalous tip from Myanmar, where he was shooting Parts Unknown, and refused to comment further, rabid Washington journalists seized upon it and took it all the way to the State Department.

The tweet in question: “The guys who rented our phones in #Myanmar before us were Secret Service. They should really have deleted their texts. #Kegparty!”

The Daily Caller reports that during a routine press briefing, a reporter asked State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nulan if she could elaborate on Bourdain’s tweets. “There are references to keg parties,” the unnamed questioner asked, according to transcripts. “Anything that you’re aware of on that front?”

“No, but we will have our embassy follow up on that one, for sure,” Nulan responded after a bout of laughter.

Though the Secret Service is technically part of the Department of Homeland Security, the State Department via the US Embassy would be held responsible for their behavior abroad. (It was through the US Embassy in Brazil, after all, that the Secret Service prostitution scandal came to light.)

[The Daily Caller]

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