STATS: Sam Kass’s Instructional White House Beer Brewing Video Has 500,000 Views

It’s nearly a month and a half until Barack “I OWN Social Media” Obama is sworn in for his second term, so the unofficial food stalkers at Obama Foodorama compiled a list of the White House’s most-viewed YouTube videos related to food. (Did you remember that the Obama Administration basically invented presidential YouTube-ing? Man, 2008 was so long ago.)

Topping the list, at 510,231 views (as of this post): the infamous video about the White House Honey Ale, wherein Sam Kass taught us that the President likes to brew his own beer, like a peasant. After it was revealed that Obama carried a case of his home-brewed beer with him on the campaign trail (and an online petition begged him to reveal his recipe), Kass not only released the recipe, but also walked people through its production.

Compared to food videos from the Obama White House, this has roughly 160,000 more views than its runner-up, Barack Obama grilling things with Bobby Flay (and Flay desperately trying not to challenge him to a Throwdown).

Compared to everything else, it only has 8% of the views of the White House’s most-viewed video: Obama’s announcement that a team of elite Marines had killed Osama bin Laden. Technically, this makes the White House Honey Ale 1/12th as important as Osama bin Laden, which is understandable. But you can do better than that terrorist, Honey Ale. We believe in you.

[Obama Foodorama]

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