Stefan On Top Chef: ‘I Feel Like I’m On Housewives Of Seattle

As promised, we’ve got the thrilling conclusion to last week’s Top Chef: Seattle stew room catfight. After Kuniko’s surprising elimination, the chefs gathered round to eulogize her over drinks, when John Tesar just had to throw a dig. He interrupted everyone’s kind words to remind them that she deserved to go home because of her crappy time management skills.

At which point:

CJ jumped in, and told him to quit being a jerk during Circle of Compliments Time.

Tesar told CJ he was “full of shit”.

Josh “The Last Mustache” Valentine told Tesar he was a tactless “prick”.

Tesar was all, “And Oklahoma has a lot of tact!”

Josh called him out on all his failed restaurants.

Tesar accused Josh of “just making shit up like a blogger.” (Hey!) And then called him a “redneck” in the confessional.

Then Stefan’s brain exploded, resulting in the above face. “I love it,” he confesses, revealing his inner villain. “I felt like Housewives of Seattle.”

Check out the fight below.

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