Stephanie Izard Conquers A Pig’s Head

All hail Stephanie Izard, the Queen Of The North, for her many accomplishments: bringing The Girl And The Goat to three years of prosperity! Receiving an Award Of St. James Of The Beard! Opening a 24/7 diner (seriously, that’s hard)! Conquering Tom Colicchio and his Red Priestess, Padma Lakshmi, to win the Iron Throne Top Chef!


Here, the little birds of Twitter bring us news of Queen Stephanie’s latest conquest while she wears her blinged-out Ring of Power (Bling of Power?): a pig’s head. We have heard tell of how difficult and gruesome it can be to devour the eye of a pig, but like the kings of legend, the Queen Of The North has laid waste to the head of that fell beast.

A herald of hers sent the tweet as a challenge to Andrew Zimmern, King-Beyond-The-Travel-Channel:

ALL HAIL THE QUEEN OF THE NORTH! And a happy Independence Day weekend to thou and thine.


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