WATCH: Stephen Colbert Thinks McDonald’s Could Be Worse, They Could Pay In Barn Owls

Stephen Colbert threw his hat into the McDonald’s bogus budget ring on The Colbert Report yesterday, to examine the uselessness of minimum wage. We don’t need minimum wage! And if we did, there are certainly much worse wages than $7.25 an hour to be complaining about. See: above.

Says Colbert, echoing the sentiments of Charles Koch, who thinks a strictly imposed minimum wage prevents many small businesses from getting off the ground:

“Having to pay your employees really hurts small business. I mean, look at our nation’s forefathers: many arrived with nothing but the blouse on their back, but thanks to no minimum wage, they started a booming cotton industry!”

Eeesh factor aside, the clip below from last night’s episode is worth it, just to watch the McDonald’s budgeting website’s informational video actress at work.

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