WATCH: Stephen Colbert Calls For Ethical Treatment Of Produce In Response To Meatless Mondays

Stephen Colbert recently weighed in on the USDA’s Meatless Monday endorsement (apparently before they withdrew their public endorsement after taking heat from some scary cowboys), and while he disagreed with the entire existence of the USDA in the first place (“A bunch of government bureaucrats sitting around all day inspecting my meat? That’s sick stuff.”), he pointed out that the federal organization was ignoring a key angle of the Meatless Movement: namely, the recent discovery that plants have feelings, too.

The “Vegelite,” in their crusade to promote meat abstinence for environmental reasons, are ignoring that plants can hear, communicate with each other, and suffer.

So, to raise awareness about the quietly suffering produce of America, Stephen made a PSA, natch. It was precisely as ridiculous as PETA’s “Silent Scream” Campaign, except PETA’s ad wasn’t satirical. Check out the clip below and try to block out the sounds of screaming rutabagas next time you’re in the produce aisle.

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